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New Chivas Jerseys Leaked for Opening 2020

The appearance of a new Chivas jersey is always of high expectation because many fans of the team look for the shirt to wear the colors of the club.

Four T-shirts from the ‘Sacred Flock‘ have already been leaked on social networks for the following season. The owner, according to the images, looks more sober compared to the jersey presented by the brand, in 2020.

However, what surprises is the design of the white shirt, with a great combination of the representative colors of Guadalajara, such as red, blue and white.

In turn, you see a white shirt with its gold details. Although it has not been specified whether this jacket will go on the market, due to its finishes, it is seen as one of the best that the brand that saw the herd presented.

Very elegant designs as we can see. But at the moment they are unofficial leaks so it is not certain that they are the official ones.





Source: 90min

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