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Patriots Admit Improper Video Recording to the Bengals

The New England Patriots acknowledged last night that a group working for the team videotaped the Cincinnati Bengals on the side of the field during Sunday’s game, which constitutes a violation of the NFL rules and brought the I remember a scandal known as “Spygate,” which broke out in 2007.

Through a statement released on Twitter and on the team’s website, the Pats reported that a group of three people, who worked for a series on the Web, entitled “Do Your Job”, made “improper recordings from the press box”, As part of an episode about the department of viewers and talent scouts.

The recording was made “without specific knowledge of the league’s rules,” the statement said.

The team added that the Cleveland Cafes, who were local to the Bengals, granted credentials for the recording team.

However, “the fact that we have not informed the Bengals or the league was an involuntary oversight,” added the Patriots.

When someone questioned the recording team, he “immediately delivered all the images to the league and cooperated fully,” the statement said.

“The sole purpose of the recording was to illustrate the work of a viewer as a visitor. There was no intention to use these images for another purpose. We accept full responsibility for the acts of our production team during the Browns-Bengals match.”

In 2007, the Patriots were fined $250,000 and lost a first-round draft pick, for breaking the NFL rules against using video to steal signals. Coach Bill Belichick was fined half a million dollars.

The “Spygate” scandal generated a distrust of the team that grew a decade later, when the Patriots were accused of unduly deflating the balls used at the end of the 2015 American Conference.

Quarterback Tom Brady was suspended four games.

The team was fined one million dollars and lost another selection in the first round of the draft.

The new accusations transpired when Zac Taylor, the coach of the Bengals, confirmed that the league investigated the activities of the recording team. Cincinnati faces New England on Sunday.

On Monday, Belichick was asked during his program at the WEEI station if he was aware of the reports.

The coach responded that the video team was separated from the team’s sports staff.

“We have absolutely nothing to do with anything they produce, direct or record,” said Belichick, who appeared on the chart in an earlier episode of the series.

“I have never seen any of his videos or something. This is something in which we have a zero share.”




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