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Photographer Managed to Portray the Body of Marilyn Monroe and Hid the Images (Pics)

The cameraman won the trust of the morgue workers with two bottles of whiskey, and managed to get into camera 33 where Marilyn Monroe’s body was found. (unusual)

Eunice Murray, who was Marilyn Monroe’s assistant on August 5, 1962, called the police and said she had found the dead actress in her Los Angeles mansion. That’s the official version. Side by side, naked, with blows and bruises, the body of the sex symbol was in a scene that had already been clearly altered, her life was always a mystery but her death even more.

The eternal sex symbol.

His murder was involved in all sorts of delusions, conspiracies, secrets, contradictions and unusual testimonies and sometimes a little unlikely, perhaps the truth will never get to know each other. Then the body of the actress was transferred to the morgue and assigned the body number 81828 and kept in camera number 33.

Hours later a super skilled photographer arrived at the funeral home and befriended the caretakers and invited them a few good drinks of whisky, Leigh Wiener entered the corridors of the morgue, and got his camera opened by his improvised friends. Being with the body of the actress was finished of rolls of photography but only 3 came out to the light.

Not even the son of that “audacious” photographer knows where his father hid the rest of the images. That’s what he confessed in a documentary that will be broadcast this Sunday by Fox News Channel, with the title…

Scandalous: the death of Marilyn Monroe.

“It wasn’t the first time I’d used a couple of bottles of whiskey to gain access to a restricted area.

said Devik Wiener’s son for the documentary. “He offered a drink to a couple of men, and the next thing he knew he was inside the morgue.

One of the images he captured with his reflector that night, went around the world. He sent three of the rolls to LIFE magazine and thought the other two were not for public consumption.

“The last two rolls, which contained images that went beyond the foot tag, he took to his own studio and said, processed them, examined them, and quickly placed them in a safe,” said Devik Wiener, who said he didn’t know where his father kept the photographs. “Really, he died with that mystery.

The photographer died in 1993 without sharing his great secret and it is also known that he was not the only cameraman who succeeded. Another image in which Marilyn Monroe is covered up to her neck by a white sheet, and shows her pale and emaciated face.

The body of the main character in How to Catch a Millionaire (1953) remained in the morgue for more than 24 hours without anyone claiming it, a fact that also recalls the three-chapter documentary series.


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