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Pilot who Accomplished Mission to Bring Evo Morales from Bolivia will be Promoted to General

After completing several missions as a pilot of the Armed Forces and including fighting several difficulties flying almost without fuel by several countries that denied landing, the pilot Miguel Eduardo Hernández Velázquez managed to bring Evo Morales safe and sound in Mexico.

It will be on November 20 when the celebration of the Mexican Revolution Day takes place when the pilot Miguel Eduardo Hernández Velázquez will be officially promoted as General de Ala, which is a degree lower than General of Division, the highest degree a military can obtain in Mexico.

Also among the missions in which Hernández Velázquez has been part, is the transfer and distribution of humanitarian aid during the 2017 earthquakes that were sent by several states such as Oaxaca and Guerrero.

One detail is that the pilot Hernández Velázquez is the son of General Fernando Hernández Vega, who was a member of Squadron 201 of the Mexican Air Force that participated in World War II, where he acted as part of the Fifth United States Air Force.

Recall that the Mexican Foreign Minister, Marcelo Ebrard recognized in a special way the crew of the Gulfstream G-550, which was piloted by the general of Grupo Miguel Hernández for his professionalism, impressive cold blood out of series and for the ability to dialogue with the counterpart in such complicated moments.

Likewise, as part of the 2019 promotion, the Senior Officer of the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena), David Córdova Campos has sent the 266 personnel files of generals, colonels and personnel to the National Defense Commission of the Ministry of the Interior Lieutenant Colonels who will ascend on November 20.

As a fact, General Miguel Eduardo Hernández is the author of the anthem of the Mexican Air Force, which was released in 2015, when it celebrated the 100 years of the creation of the air weapon in the Mexican armed forces.



Source: Lverdad

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