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Real Betis’ Goalkeeper Situation Under Examination

LaLiga is approaching and in the atmosphere there is an aroma of expensive fragrance: it smells of derby, the match that no footballer wants to miss and at Joel Robles it will be in complete safety, despite the fact that the positive test for coronavirus has forced him to have two weeks less training than the rest of his peers; with whom he worked for the first time yesterday after the break.

“Until the restart of LaLiga there is sufficient margin for Joel to arrive,” said Diego Tuero, Betis goalkeeping coach on Radio Betis; who did admit that “these days are being especially hard for him.”

“He is with me longer and has a differentiated work, even from that of Dani Martín, Carlos Marín and Dani Rebollo, They have an advantage of 15 days of work and have already passed that first stage of physical-conditional and technical-tactical training. However, Joel is already coming out of that first phase. Its total reincorporation with the group is imminent, although it continues complementing it with the specific work with me. For work days, it will be available for the derby. Then, the coach will decide,” added the ‘boss’ of the Baetian keepers, who praised the work of his pupils:

“The last to join was Dani Rebollo, he did it a few days after the rest, after Joel’s positive test. It is working very well. Dani and Carlos, for their part, suffered in the most physical stage, but now I see them really well, fresh legs, with the distances of the goal already acquired again…I see them better and better. Usually,they have behaved very well during confinement.”

In this sense, Tuero recalled that they have had it more difficult than field players. “As much as you have a garden, their training is much more difficult to do from home. We recommend, for example, jump work, impulse work, and stretching. As far as possible, they should practice falls and reinstatement, so that the body does not it got so soft,” he related, before delving into essential aspects of the goalkeepers’ preparation:

“Their activity is different. So, the work also has to be different. In the first phase of work, based mainly on physical exercises – Although it was common for the entire squad, the goalkeepers already had a specific part of work. Now, as we progress through the phases, each time they get closer to the most specific part of their game.”

In his review of the Betis portal, Diego Tuero took the opportunity to break a spear in favor of Dani Martín, whom he fully trusted.

“We have a very small sample of what Dani can be. He has played only four games, two in the League and two in the Cup. He made his debut very soon and in an unexpected situation, in minute 8 of the first day due to the expulsion of Joel, and then he had to go to the Camp Nou”, he argued, before explaining the reasons why he is betting on the European champion under 21.

“Betis’ goal is extremely demanding. Dani is very young and has to burn stages. This year he has had to burn them too fast. If he adapts and is able to overcome this difficult situation, we can see its true dimension. I understand that It was a transfer and that you have to go fast with him and demand that he be young, but he has that potential, you just have to help him get him out,” he said.

“What worries us the most in the case of goalkeepers is the reference, the distances to the defense line or the goal, the control of the dimensions, the decision-making when going out for a ball or not, the behavior against lateral centers or the air balls,” admitted Diego Tuero yesterday, who recalled that “in each preseason that costs the most and now, therefore, also”; that’s why they are insisting the most these days.

Something less worries him that everything is heard in the absence of an audience in the stands. “Yes, it is true that we will be heard, but regardless of this situation, I always ask goalkeepers who are not ‘game commentators’ to give the precise instructions at the right time, because, if they are talking continuously, their voice loses stimulation in his companions, who would not know how to differentiate when he says something important and when he does not.”







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