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She Falls Asleep While Breastfeeding and When She Wakes up She Sees that Her Son Died

The pain of a mother when losing a child is incomparable.

After living it, writer Laurie Jade Woodruff now helps other parents deal with the loss of children.

And it is that a few years ago he lived, said by her, the hardest and traumatic thing that happened to him.

Specially known on the Internet for her erotic stories, Laurie Jade shared with her followers on Instagram the story of how in 2015 her son Arthur died.

“We shared the bed while I was breastfeeding and when I woke up in the morning I was dead,” he said.

Arthur cried for no apparent reason and supposed he would be hungry, so he nursed him.

The next morning, the baby had blood in his nose and had died.

After investigations, doctors determined that Arthur had died of sudden death for no apparent reason.

Nothing had to do with the fact that Laurie fell asleep or breastfeed. His heart was simply not well, he was never detected and he died.

He eventually realized that the death of his son had happened for a reason and after receiving support he trained as a therapist, astrologer and psychic, and now provides help to other mothers who have gone through similar situations.

Laurie currently has another son named Henry.

He says that Arthur misses him every day, but that pain made her indestructible:

“The trauma in our lives can make us stronger if we make that decision. I decided that nothing would scare me again, and if I could go through this, I can achieve everything.”



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I’ll be Discussing Babyloss tomorrow for Babyloss Awareness Week in the Derbyshire Times and Sharing my story with people. I lost my beautiful Son Arthur to SIDS in 2015 . We bed shared as I was breastfeeding him and when I woke up in the morning he was dead. It was the hardest, most traumatic thing that has ever happened to me. The trauma in our Lives can make us stronger if we make that choice; I decided that nothing would ever scare me ever again; if I could go through that ; I could achieve everything and in a beautiful but tragic way ;it has given me the strength to do just that. I have chased every single one of my dreams since and although I still suffer emotionally from time to time; I continue to create my future and make my dreams a reality. I have more confidence now than I ever have that I will find a way. I hope that you view your problems in life like this and gain Strength from them. You can survive whatever it is and achieve your dreams in the process. Our lives are more destined and magical than you can ever begin to imagine. You are not alone. Please buy your copy of the Derbyshire Time on Thursday if you live in Derbyshire or Yorkshire; it will also be online from tomorrow and I hope you enjoy my story of magic & hope. Love from Laurie Xx Also ; please join us for the Wave of Light at 7pm tomorrow by lighting a candle and remembering our Angels in Heaven. Our babies would love that. Thank you. Xxx #babylossawareness #waveoflight #infantloss #sids #healer #astrology #tarot #spirit #healing #love #angels

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