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Simeone and his Wife Launch an Advertising Campaign Against the Coronavirus

The world of football continues to show signs of solidarity with the terrible pandemic that today plagues the planet. COVID19, better known as coronavirus.

One of the last characters in this sport to give his support against the disease has been the Atlético de Madrid coach, Diego Pablo Simeone.

On this occasion, the Argentine appeared in an advertisement with his partner, Carla Pereyra, in which both called on the general public to send support to Spanish toilets.

In addition, they leave an account number for those who collaborate with a donation for them, so that the health system of our country can obtain more means at a delicate moment in which due to the enormous number of infected people there is a generic lack of material.

“You and I know that we have a great enemy, COVID19 […] The health personnel are our team, and they need basic protective equipment. They are ours” are the words that Simeone says during the duration of the announcement.

Without a doubt, it is a beautiful gesture, promoted at the same time by the Fundación Atlético de Madrid and the Red Cross, in what is the most delicate moment of Spanish society in recent decades. Soccer also turns against COVID19.


Watch the video below:


Source: 90min

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