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Sloth Crushes the Head of Dangerous Anaconda and the Unexpected Happens [VIDEO]

A few days ago, an impressive video was made viral on YouTube in which a daring sloth plays his game and crushes the head of a gigantic snake, without imagining the reaction it would have. The images became a trend in countries such as Mexico, Spain and the United States.

Quin Schrock is a lover of nature, who a few days ago went deep into the Peruvian jungle making an unusual discovery, which he did not hesitate to share on YouTube and other social networks.

Schrock, who was visiting an Amazonian town, near the city of Iquitos, was worried when he noticed that a parsimonious animal was heading towards a huge reptile.

In the shocking images of YouTube, it is shown that the characteristic laziness of the mammal prevented him from changing course, although to continue with his trajectory meant to pass over the head of the anaconda.

The photographer, amazed by the scene of the intrepid sloth, asked the guide who accompanied him if it was a situation that they should take action in. However, he was assured that nothing bad would happen. And indeed, the serpent retreats backwards giving way to the sloth.
Several YouTube users were shocked to see that the anaconda did not attempt to devour the mammal. Some suggested that it was full.


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Anaconda versus Sloth. My heart stopped when the sloth’s claws wrapped around the snake’s head… turns out they’re buddies.

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