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The 3 Premier League Teams That Would Have Already Had Contact with Ancelotti

Despite having achieved his pass to the Round of 16 in the Champions League, Napoli fulfilled the rumors.

They threw Carlo Ancelotti after his duel against Genk, so after this news there are already 3 candidates to hire him and the interesting thing is that they are all from the Premier League.

According to information from ‘Sky Sports’, Carlo Ancelotti would not be having such a bad time after leaving Napoli even though it was a project that interested him a lot.

A Premier League is one of the best leagues in the world and there are very interesting teams that love Italian: Everton, Arsenal and Manchester United.

The actuality of these teams is very different, they all have different objectives but without a doubt seeing Ancelotti in the Premier would be very attractive so we see for now the possibilities of reaching any of these clubs.


Marco Silva was dismissed from his position on December 5 and after this announcement several names have come to light.

It was said that Unai Emery and Vitor Pereira were the ideal candidates to take their place in the Everton but now with the departure of Ancelotti from Napoli, they already have new #1.

According to the latest information, Everton has already contacted Ancelotti and had talks about what his project will be if he takes the team. There is no definitive answer on the part of the Italian since as it was said it is not the only option, so we will have to wait a bit to see if he opts for the ‘ Toffees’ .

Manchester United:

This is perhaps the least viable option at the moment because it is the only club that still has a coach.

Rumors suggest that Ancelotti will arrive in United only if the same thing happens as in Tottenham; say goodbye to Solskjaer out of nowhere and sign him immediately but that is still something that is waiting although it is said that they have already begun talks.

It is said that the way in which the year ends Manchester United of Solskjaer will define whether he is leaving or staying.

In the Premier League they currently climbed to 5th place after beating Manchester City and in the Europa League they already tied their ticket to the next round, so despite the criticism, it has not been a semester ml.


The ‘Gunners’ is perhaps the number 1 option on the Carlo Ancelotti scene.

On November 29, Arsenal made official the departure of Unai Emery.

After this fact, Fredrik Ljungberg took command of the team on an interim basis but the departure of the DT from Napoli was just announced, negotiations began.

It is said that Arsenal has an advantage over others by being a large, solid team, with good capital, top-notch staff and being the best option in the ‘market’ for now, so the ‘Gunners’ would have already contacted it as well.




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