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The 6-Year-Old Girl who was Actually a 22-Year-Old Woman Claims That She is not 33, but Rather 16

In 2010, a couple of Americans (Kristine and Michael Barnett) adopted a girl 6 years old from Ukraine (Natalia Grace).

However, a few years later, parents began to suspect that the girl was much older in reality.

Her adoptive mother, Kristine Barnett, told the Daily Mail : “Natalia was a woman: she had menstrual periods and adult teeth. She has never grown up, even children with dwarfism continue to grow. ”

In addition, the girl allegedly attempted to kill her adoptive parents in a number of different ways: pushing her mother against an electric fence, poisoning them with bleach and also threatening to stab them in their sleep.

Terrorized, the adults have fled to Canada, leaving the little girl of 8 years at this time alone behind them.

They were subsequently charged for this purpose and the court must determine who is telling the truth in this whole story: the parents or the girl.

What’s new in this story is that Natalia Grace Barnett appeared last week on the popular Dr. Phil show, where she confided.

When Dr. Phil asked her if she was a 33-year-old scammer, she burst into tears before saying she is now 16 years old.

“I was 6 when I arrived in the United States,” she said. “All I know is that a family came, they visited me and after a while, they adopted me”.

The girl (or woman, we are not too sure …), who is really suffering from dwarfism, was then taken care of by several host families before finally ending up with the Barnett.

There she thought she had found a real family, but things turned sour when her parents realized that she had her period, that she had adult teeth, and that she was not growing up.

Natalia refutes all accusations that she wanted to kill her adoptive parents.

Instead, she returned to that year when, at the age of eight, she would have lived alone for a year in an apartment because her parents had fled to Canada.

She would have survived by feeding exclusively on canned food. Kristine Barnett would also have forced her to attend an adult school, where she should have made her believe she was 22 years old.

Natalia Grace now lives with a new couple who believes that she is 16 years old.



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