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The 8 Similarities Between Michael Jordan and Cristiano Ronaldo

In sports there is something that is key to achieving titles and recognition worldwide: the winning gene. A substance with which one is born or not, a way of life that cannot be created if one does not go in one. Cristiano Ronaldo has it.

Always wanting more and going for new challenges. Constant improvement and transmit to the group that you can win and you are going to win, that is the winning gene.

The Portuguese has it, just like Michael Jordan did. Players who eat their sports. Here are some similarities between the two:

1. Winning Gene

It is something that we have just talked about but that is a similarity between the two. The winning gene in basketball and soccer was a thing of Jordan and Ronaldo.

The mere fact of being in a team already made him a favorite to win that competition. Players who impose their presence and back it up with data.

2. Players with the most champion trophies

Michael Jordan is the best player in NBA history, apart from his game, his titles. It has 6 rings on its backs, something similar to Cristiano’s.

The Portuguese has won 5 Champions League and has done it with 2 different teams. The winning gene more present than ever.

3. Heroes in their countries

Both Jordan in the United States and Ronaldo in Portugal are the most successful figures in the sport. His compatriots do not doubt them and, unlike Messi and Argentina, there is no criticism for any of them. There is no better one in your country, no one disputes it.

4. History of sport


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We made history ⚽️🏀🥇

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Words by Cristiano Ronaldo after meeting Jordan in Paris. Not a word must be taken, both are history of the sports they have played. Soccer owes a lot to Cristiano and basketball practically everything to Jordan.

5. Jumps that are history

2 meters and 56 centimeters, Cristiano Ronaldo rose to score the winning goal against Sampdoria. Something similar to Michael Jordan’s most famous basket. Jumps that are sports history.

6. Dedication to the body

Without a doubt, talking about the two of them is talking about dedication to preparing the body for sports . They are two beasts that prepared to reign in their disciplines. All for and to be healthy and fulfill what was asked of them.

7. Historic jersies

Cristiano’s 7 and Michael’s 24. Both without numbers that remind us of them when we see them on a basketball court or on a pitch.

The history they have achieved with them makes us relate them to their people.

8. Cartoon characters

Michael Jordan starred in the famous movie Space Jam with the Warner factory. The basketball court was too small for him and he had to play in front of cartoons.

Something similar did Cristiano who was chosen to appear in a fragment of the series “The Simpsons“.



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