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The Beautiful Gesture of Santiago Giménez that Surprised Everyone

The video of a girl crying because she could not take a picture with Santiago Giménez went viral on social networks this Friday, since she was for several hours outside the hotel where Cruz Azul would be staying, in Guadalajara.

Although the girl named Ivana, about 5 years old, had the illusion of meeting the player of the moment of ‘The Celestial Machine’, she managed to portray herself with Óscar Pérez according to what her father Ernesto told, but her wish was to meet Santiago.

Immediately, Giménez cited the tweet of the girl’s video and put “Someone who knows them or helps me to contact Ivana and Ernesto”, who won a lot of positive comments.

This Saturday, a few hours after the duel between Cruz Azul and Chivas is disputed, the official accounts of the cement club published a photo of the celestial striker with his fan, Ivana, with the comment “Ivana fulfilled her dream of meeting Santiago Giménez”.

Therefore, the fans recognized the gesture and reacted with nothing but praise.


See the Twitter post below:



Source: 90min

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