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The Family that Spent 9 Years Hiding in a Basement Waiting for the ‘End of the World’

The police of the Dutch region of Drenthe – yes, as the player – has discovered this week a case that has brought hands to the heads to much of the public opinion of the country.

In this rural area, a family composed of a 58-year-old father and his six children lived in the basement of his farm, where they had apparently been without contact with the outside for nine years waiting for “the end of the world“, according to the first investigations of the Police, which, however, is still not entirely clear about the reasons.

The case of the family came to light because the eldest of the 25-year-old sons managed to leave the area and travel several kilometers to a cafeteria, where he gave the alarm warning that his family was in a very bad state of Health.

He said he had run away and needed help. “I had very long hair, dirty beard, very old clothes. I was very confused. So I decided to call the police to come and investigate what was happening,” said Chris Westerbeek, the cafeteria owner, on television. Local RTV Drenthe.

When they searched the place, the agents found a hidden staircase behind a closet in the living room, which connected to a basement under the house where five teenagers were and the father, who had suffered a stroke a few years ago and was prostrated in the bed.

The children are all over 16 years old, but the family had no contact with the outside for nine years and some did not know that there were more people living on this planet, according to RTV, who added that they had been subsisting thanks to the food they obtained from an orchard and a goat. Nothing is known, at the moment, of the mother.

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