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The Mysterious Passenger of the Country that Never Existed “Taured”

In his passport he could see his name, document number, date of birth and his strange nationality, the unusual case happened in the year 1954 in Narita, Tokyo, Japan.

What you will hear next is one of the biggest mysteries that has happened in an airport, if it is a myth it is an impressive story, but if it is true then it tells something incredible and that this day we will tell you to may you accompany us to the depths of such a story.

In 1954 the employees of the international airport “Narita” in Tokyo, Japan, would have a unique problem with a passenger who transshipped from one plane to another, the face of the officers in full check-in was astonished since the subject He said he was from a country that never existed…”Taured.”

World War II had just ended 9 years ago, the Japanese were still building part of the country and perhaps they were getting used to seeing private individuals, the troubled passenger was a white lord and his native language was French but he defended himself well with the English and assured them that Taured was in Europe.

The weirdest story was just about to start, the man took what could be his madness to the extreme or a rather stupid joke to show a passport issued, signed, dated and stamped by the authorities of “Taured“.

In his passport you could see the person’s name, the document number, date of birth, his strange nationality and authentic stamps of other European and Asian countries where the businessman had visited, they called the staff they searched for him in the history of boarding did not know the guy.

Airborne personnel said that if he traveled and had seen him on the flight, it had been 6 hours and the authorities and did not solve anything, one of the officers put a map of the world on the subject and with his basic English asked, “Tell me! Where are you from ?”, the passenger suffered a nervous breakdown since his country did not appear and all he did was point out a place.

This place was between France and Spain but none appeared as Taured if not as Andorra, they took him to a hotel to spend the night and was escorted overnight by two people, first they knocked on the door to take him to Tokyo and continue with the case, but there was only silence since the subject never answered.

Finally the guards opened the door and witnessed the biggest surprise of their lives, the mysterious man as he had arrived had left, he and all his belongings would have vanished, many people say that this story is real and that is why considered one of the greatest mysteries in the world.



Source: Laverdad

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