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The Next Kanye West Album will Have a Very “Religious” Title

Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian West, tweeted the list of songs for a new album to be released on September 27th.

And the least we can say is that the Christian religion is likely to be a central theme of Yeezy’s ninth solo album.

First, there is a title at the top of the list: Jesus Is King. Presumably this is the name of the album.

Then follow twelve more lines that are probably part names.

Here they are:

01. Glade

02. Garden

03. Seleh

04. God Is

05. Baptized

06. Sierra Canyon

07. Hands On

08. Wake the Dead

09. Water

10. Through the Valley

11. Sunday

12. Sweet Jesus


You have noticed, the Christian faith seems at the heart of this album.

This is not new at West. Religion is a recurring theme in his catalog.

Among others, Jesus Walks (on The College Dropout , 2003), the subtle reference in the title of the album Yeezus (2013) and Ultralight Beam (on The Life of Pablo , 2016).

But this time, it’s almost all the titles that are directly related to Christianity.

With his Sunday Service, his gospel “Masses” every Sunday, Kanye is becoming more and more a kind of preacher, and as a fan, the author of these lines is, after all, fascinated to know where this will lead him.

West’s last solo album, ye , was released in June 2018 and received a rather cold reception, both from critics and the public.


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