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The Pentagon Unlocks Another 3.8 Billion Dollars for the Mexico-United States Wall

The Pentagon stops buying several F-35 aircraft and “drones” to channel another 3.8 billion dollars in the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico, one of the old electoral promises of US President Donald Trump.

According to documents published Thursday in the United States Congress, consulted by the France-Presse agency, the United States Department of Defense is expected to release 3.8 billion dollars.

The funds for the construction of the wall near the Mexican border, a solution presented by the Head of State of the United States during the 2016 election campaign and defended during Trump’s presidential term, come from a budget budget of the Pentagon of 2.2 billion for the acquisition of equipment for the United States Air Force and Navy, including unmanned aerial vehicles.

The remaining amount comes from funds initially intended for external operations of the US Armed Forces in countries such as Afghanistan, Syria or Iraq.

The President of the United States assured during the annual speech of the State of the Nation on February 5 that the wall on the border with Mexico will have more than 800 kilometers built in early 2021.

Trump declared that more than 165 kilometers of this fortification and “there will be more” 805 kilometers built for “early next year”, a measure that the current administration defends as a priority to combat the entry of illegal immigrants along the southern border of the United States.




Source: Pressdigital

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