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They Create a Vaccine Against Breast Cancer and Have Already Cured a Patient

The breast cancer is an issue that frightens many people. And is not for less.

In Mexico, this type of cancer is the most diagnosed and, as if that were not enough, it is the main cause of mortality from malignant tumors in women 20 years and older. For this reason, a group of scientists created a vaccine against breast cancer and there is already a patient cured.

Lee Mercker, a resident of Jacksonville, in the United States, was diagnosed in March with DCIS stage zero, that is, early stage breast cancer and is the first patient to undergo a clinical trial of the experimental vaccine against breast cancer, Tests performed by Mayo Clinic specialists, whose goal is to eliminate cancer cells effectively.

“I had never heard of DCIS, but it meant I had a very early stage, where cancer cells in my breast ducts had not yet spread,” said Lee Mercker.

Mercker underwent a procedure lasting 12 weeks, during which time, the specialists performed blood tests, performed a physical exam and administered the vaccine that stimulates the immune system so that immune cells, such as T cells, They attack cancer.

“When they gave me the vaccine, they were three shots in alternate arms, two weeks later they gave me four shots,” said Mercker.

According to Dr. Keith Knutson, a Mayo Clinic specialist , tests for the removal of the tumor and the immune system had favorable results despite being the first time they used this vaccine in humans.

“Mercker’s results were what we expected the vaccine to do, although it is the only time we tested it,” said Dr. Knutson

Despite favorable results, Lee underwent a double mastectomy to make sure that breast cancer was completely out of her body because, according to her, the vaccine was only a test and she wanted to be one hundred percent sure of that this disease would not progress and that not only the cancer cells had “fallen asleep” for a moment.

At the moment, researchers are already testing the same vaccine in another in another patient and, according to reports, also show good results.

It is expected that in the next three years this vaccine will be available for more patients suffering from this disease, whether male or female.

Watch the video taken at the Mayo Clinic down below!


Source: Excelsior

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