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They Reveal That the Attack in Michoacán was to Protect El Mencho’s Wife

Michoacán is one of the states with the highest crime rate in Mexico. This is due to the dispute between the Viagras and the CJNG.

Yesterday, fourteen police officers were killed after being ambushed in the municipality of Aguililla.

However, today came the version that the gunmen of El Mencho protected his wife.

This degree of violence is unprecedented in the state, as not only were fourteen police officers killed, but nine others were injured and two Police units were burned.

Since the attack occurred in Michoacán, the authorities pointed to an attack by the CJNG, a criminal organization led by El Mencho.

According to new information disseminated by various media, everything was a misunderstanding.

The CJNG hitmen thought that the police circulating in Aguililla Michoacán were trying to stop Rosalinda González Valencia, who is the wife of El Mencho.

Michoacán authorities confirmed to journalist Ciro Gómez Leyva that 42 state policemen traveled aboard five vans to protect a father and his daughter.

However, the CJNG hitmen would have interpreted that it was an operation against El Mencho’s wife.

So far, the authorities have not ruled on this hypothesis of the ambush that the CJNG made against the police of Aguililla Michoacán.

Yesterday the police officers suffered an ambush at the hands of the CJNG.

In addition, we spread the audio in which you can hear the call for help from security elements of Michoacán, who talk about the ambush suffered that left fourteen dead and several injured.

In another scenario that transcended, it was pointed out that CJNG members threatened to continue killing members of the State Police who are linked to other organized crime groups within Michoacán.

Watch the action-packed video below!


Source: Lanetanoticias

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