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Thousands of Reindeer Get Ready for Christmas and Block Road in Siberia [VIDEO]

With only one month left until Christmas, everyone prepares for the good night’s day and the expected arrival of ‘Santa Claus’, however the coming of this character will not be possible without his reindeer, and it is these same ones that were captured in the middle of the road in Siberia (Russia).

A driver who was traveling through the Yamal Peninsula encountered a herd of reindeer on a road under construction and did not hesitate to capture this impressive moment that is now viral on YouTube’s social network.

Approximately 3000 reindeer driven by their shepherds blocked the road for about 20 minutes, causing terrible vehicle congestion.

In the images it is observed how the reindeer command advances in a row, one after the other, leaving surprised drivers who were stranded waiting for the animals to move.

The video on YouTube has more than 23 thousand views and many users have joked with this nice scene, alluding that these reindeer were getting ready for ‘Christmas‘, others even commented to see the characteristic “Rodolf” in the pack. Then we leave you the curious video that you can stop watching.

Watch the video down below:


Source: Elcomercio

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