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Three People Die After Jumping into Pool Filled with Dry Ice

Ekaterina Didenko, a well-known Russian influencer, recently celebrated her 29th birthday at a party that ended in a real tragedy by pouring dry ice into a pool: three people died, including her husband.

To celebrate the date, the influencer, dedicated to promoting pharmaceutical products, had the participation of 18 friends, at an event that took place last Friday at the Devyaty Val swimming pool complex in the Russian capital.

The catastrophe came when they threw thirty kilos of dry ice into a pool.

The reaction with the ice produced carbon dioxide and three people ended up dying from pulmonary edema.

In addition, four others were injured with chemical burns and poisoning.

Dry ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide that, when released in an area without adequate ventilation, can cause people to inhale significant amounts of gas.

In the video published on social networks, guests can be seen wearing protective suits.

Two people pour the dry ice over the water, causing a quantity of smoke, which does not stop three people jumping into the water without thinking.

The influencer spoke on her Instagram, where she has more than 1.5 million followers, about what happened.

“I can’t tell you anything else. I’ve signed a ban to divulge any information. I can’t say anything. I didn’t cry yesterday … I exploded today.”

In addition to Ekaterina’s husband, Valentin Didenko (32 years old), Natalia Monakova and her partner, Yuri Alferover, both influencers, also died.

According to the first analysis, the cause of death was suffocation.

The Investigation Committee of Russia has confirmed that it has opened the relevant investigations to determine whether it is a criminal case of death due to negligence.


Source: Antena3

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