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Thus Nostradamus Predicted the Conflict Between the US and Iran

Many of the most faithful believers in Nostradamus are assuring that the wise writer of the 16th Century predicted the advent of the Third World War by 2020, in addition to a leader like Donald Trump would die that same year.

A fear that is intensifying more and more due to the intense conflict between Iran and the United States.

According to the predictions in the book of prophecies of Nostradamus, and of a specific passage, a strong global conflict would be about to begin this year.

“Twice raised and twice down the East will also weaken the West. His adversary after several battles pursued by the sea will fail at the time of need.”

If we read between the lines of this passage of the great philosopher Nostradamus, and we focus a little on the geography of the world, we can distinguish the “East” to the countries of that area of ​​Asia attached to Islam, such as Iran.

The West is the part of the world that we know as “the West,” economically and culturally influenced by the United States.

With these phrases, Nostradamus is probably warning us that a Third World War is coming between these two fractions of the world historically separated by ideologies and religions.

According to his same prophecies, the Third World War would last 27 years.

On the other hand, John Hogue, who has been a world expert in the prophecies of Nostradamus, states that among his predictions it is said that at some point the tensions between one of the great world powers and the Islamic State would explode.

“Villain will enter, menacingly infamous, tyrannizing Mesopotamia. All friends of adultery lady, Earth horrible black physiognomy.”




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