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Trump ‘Disguises Himself’ as Rocky Balboa and Leaves the Network Speechless

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, published on Wednesday – on the eve of Thanksgiving – a photo montage in which his face appears with the body of the legendary film character Rocky Balboa, a boxer embodied decades ago by Sylvester Stallone The fact has left Internet users speechless.

The publication, which was not accompanied by any text, already accumulates more than 270,000 likes and around 150,000 comments.

According to the Mashable news portal, it is likely that the White House tenant has used a poster named ‘Rocky Trump (parody)’, which is sold online for $18.95.

The most plausible hypothesis is that Trump wanted to wink at the ‘Rocky‘ film saga, which he seems to love, and whose fourth part premiered on November 27, 1985.

However, for now it is unknown what led him to tweet that image.

The Network has been quick to react with all kinds of memes, such as a GIF in which Rocky Balboa appears with Trump’s face knocking out his archenemy, the Soviet boxer Ivan Drago.

Others have scoffed at the photo montage by adding to their side a real photo of Trump, whose waist contrasts with that of the muscular character of the cinematic character he intended to emulate.

In another GIF a man with Trump’s face overprinted is trained for a boxing match by hitting a doll that also parodies the president.

With only a week to go before the Judicial Committee of the House of Representatives holds its first hearing on the political trial process against it, the US president described his chest as “beautiful” during a rally at Sunrise (Florida, USA).

See the tweets below:


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