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UFC Full-Weight Fighter Derrick Lewis Faces a “life or death” Health Problem

UFC full-weight fighter Derrick Lewis faces a “life or death” medical issue, he revealed in an interview on Monday, February 10.

“It’s something that happens to many athletes, no matter if you’re healthy or not,” he said.

After his victory last Saturday against the Swedish Ilir Latifi, in Houston (USA), the fighter talked with ESPN about a possible presentation next March and it was then that he referred to his health problems.

He said his coach wants him to be checked for a condition that has “hindered” his training.

“The UFC doctors know what it is and the doctors here in Houston know what it is,” Lewis said and although he did not provide details on what affects him, he said “it is a life or death situation.”

“It’s something that can happen in the blink of an eye,” he said and warned: “It can affect my life.”

Because of this situation, his doctors recommended that he not participate in the fight last Saturday.

However, he sought a second opinion and went to the doctors of the UFC, who analyzed the information and concluded that “it should not be a problem”, so he finally presented himself to the battle with Latifi.

However, during that fight the problem reappeared and although Lewis admitted that he was “worried,” he continued. “I decided not to think about that,” he concluded.




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