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US Courts File Immigration Cases

More than a million records have not been taken care of since Trump came to power.

The number of pending cases in the immigration courts of the United States has doubled since President Donald Trump arrived at the White House and already exceeds the unprecedented figure of one million, which probably means waiting years to regularize immigration status.

A Syracuse University study revealed that there are one million seven thousand 155 pending cases in immigration courts, until the first half of September.

The figure is almost double the 516 thousand cases pending when Trump came to the US Presidency.

There are 540 migration judges that will have to solve this accumulation of lagging cases. On average, there would be more than 2,200 applications for each magistrate.

This lethargy wait for those who have pending their folders. Currently, for cases that are not complicated, there is an average wait of 580 days, just over a year and a half; but family requests were already 14 years old on average when Trump arrived at the White House.

The Syracuse analysis does not detail the applicant’s nationality, but last January the New York Times conducted an investigation that determined that the majority of pending petitions are from Mexican and Central American immigrants; there were almost 162 thousand archived files of Mexicans.

The state with the most pending procedures in immigration courts is California, with 175,739 cases.

In that entity are the three courts with the most lagged cases; in Los Angeles with almost 83 thousand, San Francisco with 68 thousand, and San Diego with 14 thousand 500.

Texas continues, with 166,000 pending cases, of them 66,000 in Houston and 33,000 in San Antonio.

Syracuse’s analysis clarifies that among the 45,000 migrants that the US has sent since January to Mexico to await hearing and resolutions to asylum claims, pending cases in immigration courts translate into 3.3% of the total.

Also, most of the files in the migration courts correspond to civil proceedings and the criminal cases are only a fraction.

The university presents the report in its Transactional Records Exchange Center or TRAC, but without interpreting the figures politically.




Source: Excelsior

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