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Videos of Drunk English Soccer Player Mason Bennett Moments Before Crashing his Car go Viral

The dinner of the Derby County squad of the English Championship did not end as the event organizers would like.

The club had made several cars available to its players to leave at their respective homes, but several of them preferred to extend the night through several pubs in the city.

However, the party ended when they took their own vehicles and one of them crashed into a lamppost.

All this happened last Tuesday night and the main involved were Tom Lawrence, Mason Bennet and Richard Keogh.

They apparently competed against another vehicle in a race that ended in an accident and with the first two arrested by police for driving under the influence of alcohol.

The third, team captain, will be lost all season after suffering a serious knee injury.

Two days later, the British newspaper The Mirror has released several videos that Tom Huddlestone, a member of the team of the team that plays in the second English division, posted on his Snapchat account.

In the published images you can see Mason Bennet drinking beer, drunk and vomiting in the urinal of one of the pubs in the town of Derby.

The club reported the complaint and the withdrawal of its players due to an “alcohol related incident”. In the press release they add that  “as a club, we cannot and will not accept the actions of a small group of players”, who will conduct a “rigorous internal investigation” and that those involved ” will pay a high price for their actions.”

They point out: “We will also support them in their rehabilitation and back in the team.”


Source: 90min

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