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Walter Montillo Says a Heartbreaking Goodbye to his Father who Died of the Coronavirus

The Argentine footballer, who had an important stint in Tigre and later emigrated to the University of Chile, emotionally dismissed his father. Through social networks, he said goodbye after passing away with coronavirus symptoms.

The coronavirus-generated pandemic continues to be a serious problem for world society. Everyone is being effected by the disease: in the last days, Walter Montillo’s father died at 60 with typical symptoms of this disease and the footballer was unable to let him go personally.

However, in the last hours Montillo published a heartbreaking goodbye through his social networks, where he spoke directly to his father.

“Remembering you with that smile is the best thing we can all do. We are living beautiful moments and others not so much. Maybe we did not have the capacity to make our relationship better than it was in recent times,” said Walter.

In turn, he ended his message with an immeasurable show of affection:

“I know that you will see this message somewhere. I will always remember you and thank you for instilling honesty in me and working from a young age. I hope you can find peace wherever you are Down here there are many people who will miss you very much. I will always love you.”


Source: 90min

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