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Wild Boars Spread 20,000 Euros in Cocaine Found in a Bush

The drug traffickers choose the most unlikely places to hide their shipments of drugs.

But what has happened to a criminal group that acts in Italy will cause many to consider new ways to hide their banned products: a group of wild boars found cocaine hidden in the forest and spread it happily through the air.

The value of the merchandise amounts to about 20,000 euros and was hidden in several packages in a forest in the Valdichiana valley, in Italian Tuscany.

The wild boars unearthed the packages that the police found scattered throughout the forest and spilled the drugs on the ground, so that it could not be consumed.

The Italian police have explained to Metro that they had punctured the phones of drug traffickers, so they could hear a conversation in which they themselves explained what happened, complaining about their bad luck and the performance of the herd of wild boars.

That call allowed the Italian police to arrest three members of the band, two Albanian citizens and one Italian, to accuse them of several drug-related crimes.

They believe that the band distributed two kilos of drugs per month in nightlife venues in the city of Arezzo, about 250 kilometers north of Rome.

However, this curious news has served to focus on a problem that affects many Italians: there are more and more wild boars in Italy.

Farmers recognize that they do not find solutions to avoid the damage they are causing on the land, but there are also many drivers who suffer accidents due to these animals.

It is estimated that, in Italy alone, wild boars are responsible for 10,000 traffic accidents each year .

For Ettore Prandini, president of the Coldiretti agricultural society, “it is a matter of personal safety and must be resolved. Ministries and leaders of regions and municipalities must act in concert to develop an extraordinary plan without administrative obstacles; otherwise, the problem is destined to get worse.”




Source: Elconfidencial

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