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Woman Tattooed her Eyes and is About to Lose her Vision

A photo is going viral on social networks. It turns out that a 25-year-old Polish woman tattooed her eyes black, a common trend in other parts of the world but did not measure the consequences of her actions, since she was already blind in one eye and is highly likely to lose sight in the other one.

The woman who appears in the images on her Instagram account is called Aleksandra Sadowska, from Wrocław, and her intention was to imitate her favorite rapper, a Polish named Pawel Rak, known as Opek, since this artist in 2012 participated in a short film and where he shows how he tattooed his eyes to dye them dark blue.

For your eyes to have that result it was necessary to tattoo sclera black – or, a white membrane of the eyeball. But after having done so, she is now closer to losing her vision.

Aleksandra Sadowska confessed that “…unfortunately, doctors do not have much optimism about a possible improvement. The damage is too deep and extensive. I’m afraid I will be completely blind.”

See the Instagram post below:


Source: Elpopular


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