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World Bank Allocated $395 Million to Social Programs in Argentina

The World Bank granted $245 million to Argentina to improve environmental and sanitary conditions in the Río de la Plata basin and another 150 million for a social program in the province of Buenos Aires, the Argentine Ministry of Finance reported Thursday.

The amount that the international organization approved for the Rio area will be used to “improve environmental quality and sanitary conditions” on the river banks.

In addition, according to the Argentine ministry in a statement, it will provide a “long-term and effective” solution for the safe disposal of wastewater from the city of Buenos Aires.

With this amount, it will be possible to continue with the works that are already being carried out in the area and that consist in expanding the transport and treatment capacity, help reduce industrial discharges to the river and promote an improvement in investment planning in urban drains, among other actions.

According to ministerial sources, the work carried out will directly benefit 2.4 million inhabitants in the 14 municipalities involved in the basin, and 1.2 million people living along the coast of the Río de la Plata.

Likewise, they also targeted 10 million indirect beneficiaries who will achieve a “correct and safe” sewage discharge.

On the other hand, the World Bank will allocate 150 million dollars to the program to support the transition of the Electric Social Rate (TSE) in the province of Buenos Aires.

This amount will be used to extend the subsidies to the electricity tariff for the most vulnerable population.

They also plan to improve the administration and effectiveness of the TSE, an initiative that benefits 1.43 million Buenos Aires residents and indirectly, 135 municipalities in the province, according to the Ministry of Finance.



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